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Information about Art and Wine-Tasting

Sipping Inspiration, painting sensation.

Artistic wine tasting with artist Kajsa-Tuva Werner

This unique happening combines wine tasting with an unrestricted, free-spirited art experience.

We try exciting wines in a new way where we look for the wine's true color and shape. With these taste experiences a work of art will develop with your own brush strokes.

How, you ask?

Both art and wine create an inner journey for the senses. It is a personal experience that can differ from person to person. There is no right or wrong. What we want is for you to have your own unique experience and in this case, through the guidance of artist Kajsa-Tuva Werner, you will have the opportunity to paint your own experience. Your taste becomes art.

Artistic wine tasting is prestige-free and you do not need to have previous experience with either wine or painting.

Take this opportunity to experience taste and creativity in a playful way.


Contact me if you would also like to host an Art and Wine tasting for you and your friends, your team or your clients:


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